Baartmans and Siegel

Jul. 14th 2014 by Mariana Davelaar

holiday break

Jul. 6th 2014 by Boris Hillfinger (dutch icon)

Fè is on a holiday break until Sep. 2014.

Enjoy the summer! And don’t forget to watch the soccer Worldcup in Brazil: The Neths are doing a fine job so far! :D

Going Dutch: Polder Style

Mar. 4th 2014 by Boris Hillfinger (dutch icon)

Here in Holland we have a local style called Polder Fashion which refers to outfits that can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the (grey) weather. It can easily be distinguished from haute couture by the usage of plastic or rubbery photo prints on a piece of clothing.
A large print greatly wards off any moisture from outside and, when lucky, preserves moisture on the inside thus preventing smelly accidents from happening.

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Valentino goes China

Nov. 12th 2013 by Mariana Davelaar



PHILIPP PLEIN ss14 Black models only

Sep. 23rd 2013 by Mariana Davelaar

For the first time in the MilanoModaDonna official calendar

The PHILIPP PLEIN show opened with world renowned white rapper Iggy Azalea , a breathtakingly beautiful yet aggressive performer in an exclusive live performance, while Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede led a spectacular fleet of stunning, exclusively black models on the runway.
Subverting and uniting aesthetic conventions in the worlds of fashion and hip hop. With no limits.

Philip Plein ss14

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Melanie is going to Istanbul

Aug. 13th 2013 by Mariana Davelaar

Melanie postma, istanbul,